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    CFO and In-House Counsel Program

    R.C. Acosta & Associates, CPAs provides decades of experience as business advisors.  Bringing together legal and accounting expertise along with the resources of a well-established firm, our CFO & In-House Counsel Program provides your company with the care and attention of a full-time CFO and in-house legal counsel without the cost of two highly paid employees.

    CFO Program

    Our accounting team prepares regular financial analyses with a proactive rather than reactive perspective.  Many accountants prepare historical reports — income statements, balance sheets, and budget analysis of past time periods.  Our proactive approach to accounting permits our clients to take advantage of our accountants on a regular and continuous basis to perform the functions of a highly-paid CFO.  We will, of course, continue to perform traditional accounting services such as tax return preparation.

    In-House Counsel Program

    Unlike typical professional agreements with lawyers and accountants, this program is not charged based on an hourly rate.  The purpose of having an in-house attorney is that every contract can be reviewed, every agreement can be analyzed, and all potential future claims can be proactively (versus reactively) addressed.  In an attempt to save money, many businesses hesitate to contact their attorney’s office for seemingly unimportant transactions, which can wind up becoming the basis of a future claim or legal fight.  By taking a preventative, proactive approach, we aim to prevent the future claim from ever arising.  Our fixed fee arrangements promote free and continuous communication between our legal team and our clients, without worrying the client of a large looming legal bill.

    Accounting Services

    1. Bookkeeping and Accounting Advisory: Our team of accounting professionals includes CPAs and QuickBooks Certified Bookkeepers. Our team will provide as much support as you deem necessary. Our bookkeepers can provide daily data entry, invoicing, and account reconciliations. Our CPAs can provide more sophisticated monthly, quarterly, or annual analysis, including budgeting, projections, and financial analysis. Our proposed engagement includes the following services:
      1. Accounting System Analysis: We will analyze your accounting system, including your chart of accounts and basic accounting functions. We will propose adjustments to the accounting system that will help provide more meaningful accounting reports.
      2. Monthly Bookkeeping Review: On a monthly basis, your in‐house bookkeeper will submit to our firm: (1) balance sheets, (2) income statements, (3) a detailed general ledger, and (4) any supporting documentation our accountants deem necessary. Our team will review the transactions for accuracy and presentation. We will propose amendments and adjusting journal entries.
      3. Projections and Analysis: Our accounting team can also prepare budgets, projections, pro formas, and historical variance reports. This service is not included in the proposed compensation.
      4. Internal Controls: Our accounting team can also perform an analysis of your internal controls and risks of financial fraud or misappropriation. This service is not included in the proposed compensation.
    2. Tax Advisory and Compliance: Our tax attorneys and CPAs will work with you on a regular basis throughout the year to propose tax savings strategies and ensure proper tax compliance with Federal, State, and Local taxing authorities.
      1. Quarterly Tax Analysis: On a quarterly basis, our tax professionals will analyze your financial statements, project an annualized net income, and propose tax strategies. Our intent is to help you estimate your annual tax liability in order to prevent any year-end tax surprises. Timing is often the key to successfully implementing tax strategies. By working with you during the tax year, versus subsequent to the close of the tax year, we help give you the information necessary to make strategic decisions while you still have time to implement them.
      2. Tax Compliance: Our firm will prepare your annual Federal and Arizona Partnership or Corporate Income Tax Return and related K‐1s, when applicable.

    Legal Services 

    1. Corporate Maintenance
      1. Initial Review: Our attorneys will perform an initial audit of the organization to determine whether the proper formalities are currently in place, such as formation documents, operating agreements, bylaws, management agreements, and buy-sell agreements.  We will prepare a report of our findings and suggest ways to remedy any deficiencies we find.
      2. Continued Compliance: Each company will need to continue to operate in accordance with its own set of regulations and the laws of the state where it was founded.  We will advise you on annual meetings, meetings of the Board of Directors, meetings between members of an LLC, and annual reporting.
    2. Intellectual Property: We can help you protect one of your most valuable assets – your intellectual property.  There is a heavy concentration of intellectual property within law firms, such as templates, procedures, and client contact information.  We can perform an intellectual property audit to help you identify and protect these important intangible assets.  Additionally, we can facilitate licensing agreements and other intellectual property transfers.
    3. Corporate Counsel and Litigation Support: As your corporate counsel our attorneys will help you with all your general legal needs, including contract preparation and review, employment law counsel, and corporate law counsel.  We are here to represent your business and provide you with the support you need as legal matters may arise.


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